TB11 2.0 All Inclusive Photo Booth Business

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TB11 2.0 All Inclusive Photo Booth Business

The TB11 BIZ is one of our smaller photo booths but still very portable for any one to transport. It features a 12 inch touch screen, Canon T5 with 18-55mm lens, Flash unit with umbrella, & Photo Booth software with photo/video/green screen/social media, Printer, media, & travel case. This package is best for those of you that  are looking into you next booth, & those of you that will be starting a new photo booth business. We have raving reviews about the quality of our photo booths. We have successful owners all over the USA that are using Treasure Booths models.

What Photo Booth Shell am I getting?

  • 1 T11 White 2.0 shell for Surface Pro 3 or 4 (comes with all mount brackets)
  • 3 Poles
  • 1 Base Plate with handle slot (15 inches x 21 inches )
  • 1 Rod to hold your external Strobe Flash
  • 1 Manual Tilt camera base capable to hold all types of DSLR cameras
  • 1 Printer White Tray

What does the Photo Booth Business Package include?

  • TB11 2.0 Photo Booth Shell with printer stand
  • Flash
  • Umbrella
  • Hot Shoe
  • Canon T6 w/ 18-55mm lens
  • Ac Adapter
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3, i5 processor
  • Photo Booth Software
  • Pre-loaded Photo Strip Designs
  • Dye Sublimation Photo Printer with Printer Tray
  • 1 Set of Media (700 Prints)
  • Telescopic Background Stand
  • 2 Colored Drapes
  • Travel Case with Foam Insert

What material is the TB 11 2.0 made from?

  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • White Matte finish
  • Made in USA

What services will I be receiving?

  • Complete Open
  • Photo Booth System
  • Domain Set Up
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Set Up
  • Business Email Set Up
  • Business Number Set Up
  • Booking & Contract Form
  • Service & Pricing Guide
  • 6 Months of Tech Support
  • 6 Months of Advisory Support
  • SEO - Based on your Market
  • Over 100 Keyword Tagging

Updated 6/22/17