TB11V3 Photo Booth

  • $4,900.00
  • Save $899

Used Tb11v3 Photo Booth

used for 4 months in Treasure Rental Dept.

Booth includes:

  • Photo Booth shell
  • surface pro 4 i5
  • darkroom booth 3.0
  • usb hub 3.0
  • canon t6 with 18-55 mm lens
  • ac adapter for camera 
  • flash system with umbrella
  • dnp rx1 hs
  • 1 roll of media (700 prints)
  • travel case for booth (on the left of pic 1)
  • travel case for printer (not shown in pic)

*Printer is to be set up on a table (not included)

Pros: used for only 4 months. System works like a charm. Get in the business for less

Cons: prototype design. Set up is about 5 minutes.

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